Carbon Neutral

"Some values in life are more precious in
their absence than in their presence."

As Çağlayan Refrigeration, we are proud to base our activities on sustainability and environmentally friendly principles. We live in this world with love and focus on neutralizing our carbon footprint to leave a livable world for future generations. Combining our past experiences with our vision for the future, we aim to become a
carbon-neutral company by 2038.

For a Cleaner, Healthier and
More Livable World



We will significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy sources in all applicable areas, thereby minimizing negative environmental impacts.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, we will adopt sustainable transportation methods, prefer public transportation as much as possible, increase the use of electric vehicles instead of our existing vehicles and reduce our travel frequency.

We will promote sustainable consumption habits in all departments, prefer products that consume fewer resources and are environmentally friendly, contribute to the domestic economy by supporting local products and significantly reduce the amount of waste.

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities, we will improve applicable production processes, adopt production methods focused on renewable energy sources, develop strategies to reduce waste and thus encourage recycling. By implementing these steps, we aim to support environmental sustainability and minimize the negative impacts of industrial activities.

We will meticulously determine the emission impact of each process in the production phase and carry out special efforts to reduce carbon emissions to zero.

We will conduct R&D studies to reduce this consumption to zero by meticulously measuring the energy consumption of systems, processes and machinery/equipment that consume energy. In this way, we will both increase energy efficiency and minimize negative environmental impacts with the motto of sustainability.

Eliminating Unnecessary Traces


Inspired by Nature
We Protect the Earth with Love.

Green Transformation and Sustainability Training

At the beginning of the process, general awareness training was given to selected individuals within the company (including the general manager, assistant general managers, production management, marketing management, quality assurance management, export, finance, and procurement departments).

Sustainability Team

After the awareness training, a "Sustainability Team" was formed. This team is responsible for coordinating the entire process and ensuring the company’s transition to Carbon Neutrality within the specified timeline. It reports directly to the General Manager/Chairman of the Board. The team meets regularly, plans relevant strategies and actions, and monitors their implementation.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting

As a first step to present the general overview of the company, the Corporate Carbon Footprint calculation was started, and the greenhouse gas emissions from the activities were calculated. This calculation will reveal the emission impact of each process or support function, and reduction planning will be done accordingly.

Energy Efficiency Audit and Reporting

With the energy efficiency audit, the energy consumption of systems, processes, and machinery/equipment within the company was measured in detail, and the variability according to the production flow was identified. This study is conducted according to the ISO 16247 Energy Audit Standard.

Implementation of ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) is a management system established to measure and improve the company’s energy performance and ensure the sustainability of the improvement. The establishment of EnMS, one of the priorities of the sustainability team, has begun. With the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard prepared for these purposes and objectives, companies gain advantages in proper energy consumption management, reducing energy costs, minimizing environmental impact, and enhancing competitive advantages.

Verification of Corporate Carbon Footprint

After the Corporate Carbon Footprint calculation report is prepared, it will be verified by a third-party independent and accredited organization with international validity.

Product Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting

The product footprint calculation will be conducted for selected product/service groups with the highest production and sales volume, according to ISO 14067 standard, to assess their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This approach, covering all stages from "Cradle to Grave," will provide detailed footprint calculations for the products/services.

Corporate Water Footprint Study

In accordance with ISO 14046 standard, the water footprint of a product or process, which includes the direct and indirect volume of freshwater used across the entire supply chain, will be measured. This includes analyzing the use of Blue Water (surface and groundwater), Green Water (rainwater), and Grey Water (pollution indicator). The corporate water footprint study will be conducted and reported.

Sustainability Report Study

A sustainability report evaluates and presents a company's economic, environmental, and social performance to its stakeholders. This report will highlight the extent to which our company has achieved its sustainability goals and the strategies developed in this regard. It will also share future plans with customers, suppliers, employees, and financial institutions. The report will be structured under three main headings: "Compliance with Universal Standards," "Compliance with Sectoral Standards," and "Compliance with Specific Standards."

LCA - Product Lifecycle Analysis Reporting

This study evaluates the environmental impact and performance of selected products/services throughout their entire lifecycle. LCA will examine and report on the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product/service over its lifespan. This report is particularly used for sustainability analysis and reports, guiding future initiatives.

Think-Tank Workshop on Carbon Neutral Transformation in Industry

After completing the first 7 stages, a one-day think-tank workshop for groups not exceeding 30 people will be conducted. The workshop content includes:

  • Invited Speaker Presentation (on global and local developments in carbon-neutral transformation, future expectations, project financing, etc.)
  • Company Presentations (8-minute summaries by participating companies)
  • Lunch
  • A Case Study Presentation
  • Networking (coffee breaks for participants to evaluate their work)
  • Press Kit Preparation and Commemorative Photo
Participation & Natural Sponsorship in the "Climate Change and Future of Cities Workshop"

The annual "Climate Change and Future of Cities Workshop" involves strategy and action plan discussions at 8 workshop tables for city transformation:

  • Industrial Transformation Table
  • Energy Transformation Table
  • Transportation Transformation Table
  • Urbanization and Building Transformation Table
  • Agricultural Transformation Table
  • Health Transformation Table
  • Sustainable Environment Table
  • Education and Climate Stakeholders Table

Our companies can participate as natural sponsors at these tables and share their success stories, setting an example for others.

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