Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

This policy has been published to express Caglayan Refrigeration’s attitude towards Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and covers the commitments and steps taken by Caglayan Refrigeration to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery in its activities and supply chain.

All activities of Caglayan Refrigeration A.Ş. and its relations with all stakeholders are based on a consistent business ethics approach based on the corporate values of trust, commitment, solidarity, inclusiveness, honesty, innovation, responsible management, sustainability and transparency. Çağlayan Cooling is committed to respecting human rights in all its activities in line with its values and expects its business partners (including suppliers and subcontractors) to show the same attitude.

Çağlayan Cooling does not tolerate any human rights violations, including modern slavery or human trafficking, in any part of its activities.

Çağlayan Cooling determines its rules, ethical values and governance style in line with the understanding of ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of the company’s activities and shares it with all its employees. Çağlayan Cooling expects the same sensitivity from all its suppliers.

Çağlayan Cooling does not tolerate slavery and human trafficking at any stage of its operations.

Caglayan Refrigeration works to observe human rights and to identify and eliminate the risks of modern slavery at the earliest possible time.

Caglayan Refrigeration encourages all its employees, suppliers and other business partners to report any issues, concerns or suspicions regarding human rights issues, including modern slavery or human trafficking.

Caglayan Refrigeration will continue to monitor and improve its actions against modern slavery and human trafficking.

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