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By accessing this Website, the Visitors acknowledge and confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the following general terms of use. Furthermore, you agree to be bound by all applicable laws as well as any other applicable rules and conditions. If you do not understand or agree with these general terms of us, you must stop accessing and using this Website.

This website is owned by Çağlayan Refrigeration (can be also called Çağlayan Soğutma A.Ş.), where its factory and headquarter office are registered at Buyukkayacikosb mh, 13. Sokak, No: 23/1, 42000, Selcuklu, Konya, Republic of Turkey and also registered in Konya Chamber of Commerce, with tax registration no 12421 “Çağlayan Refrigeration”.

This General Terms of Use explains and addresses the use of the various functions enabled in this website with URL link and/or (both of them will be called "Website") by the public accessing the Website (will be called “Visitors”).

A. Visitors’ acknowledgement of the General Terms of Use

A-1.1. By accessing, visiting and using the Website, Visitors acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted all these General Terms of Us. Acceptance of these General Terms is an obligatory precondition for visiting and navigating in the Website and using the information in the Website.

B. Use of Content and Scope of Right to use the Website

B-1.1. The Content may be provided free of charge to Visitors by Çağlayan Refrigeration. However, Visitors are taken in charge not to use the Content in any way other than as clearly allowed by this General Terms of Use conditions.

B-1.2. Visitors clearly take in charge not to reproduce, modify, duplicate, copy, distribute, sell or otherwise transfer the Content to third parties nor to take advantage of them for purposes other than those described in these General Terms of Use without prior written permission from Çağlayan Refrigeration. Especially, Visitors acknowledge the confidentiality of the Content provided as free of charge to the public and therefore clearly agree to respect that confidentiality and not to disclose Content to third parties in any way.

Visitors must also inform this obligation and confidentiality to their collaborators, partners and employees.

B-1.3. Visitors assure to use the Website, its Content, and all other data and/or information contained in the Website, exclusively for lawful purposes, in accordance with these General Terms of Use and with the provisions of applicable law.

B-1.4. Unless otherwise stated, information shown in Website does not form a basis of a contract or a public offering of products nor can it be considered binding for the purposes of negotiations, price offers or business relationships.

B-1.5. The Content and other documents marked and mentioned as public may be used in public communications that the permission granted hereunder does not apply to those parts of public documents which are protected by trademark or copyright law, or other legal regulations. Any use of such material is made in the sole responsibility of the user.

C. Privacy

C-1.1. All personal data is collected, stored, processed and used in accordance with applicable data protection laws and Çağlayan Refrigeration Privacy Policy. If you would like to find out more about Çağlayan Refrigeration Privacy Policy please click here.

D. Intellectual Property

D-1.1. "Çağlayan Soğutma" and “Çağlayan Refrigeration” names and logos are a registered trademark of Çağlayan Soğutma A.S. (will be called "Trademark") and copyrighted by Çağlayan Refrigeration. The graphical symbols, drawings, technical drawings, designs and the Content of this Website in general are protected by copyright and the exclusive property of Çağlayan Soğutma A.S.

D-1.2. Access to the Website does not grant Visitors the right to use the Trademark, name, logo or brand related with the Content of the Website. The display, downloading and printing of Trademark and Content is allowed only for purposes related to use of Website. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display, send by electronic or physical means, transmit, record, duplicate, photocopy or reproduce the Trademark or Content in any form without the prior written consent of Çağlayan Refrigeration.

E. Warranties and Responsibilities

E-1.1. Visitors accept that they use Website at their own risk. The Website is provided "as it is" and "as long as it is available". Çağlayan Refrigeration offers no specific warranty to the results that can be expected, desired or obtained through use of Website and its Content.

E-1.2. Çağlayan Refrigeration declines all responsibility for any claims made by Visitors concerning the impossibility the usage of Website and to access to Contents for any reason whatsoever.

E-1.3. Çağlayan Refrigeration reserves the right to disconnect, delete and/or replace Content (or any part of Content), temporarily or permanently, and at any time. Visitors accept that Çağlayan Refrigeration cannot be held responsible in any way to Visitors or to any third party for any stoppage.

E-1.4. Information provided directly by Çağlayan Refrigeration’s suppliers and related to goods presented on the Website does not refer any responsibility on the part of Çağlayan Refrigeration. The parties providing such information are responsible for full and exclusive responsibility for the instructions, specifications and descriptions of the shared information. Çağlayan Refrigeration cannot therefore be held responsible for any inaccuracies and errors because of those parties. Çağlayan Refrigeration offers no warranty, mediate and/or immediate, regarding to content for purpose of information, goods described or offered by suppliers through the Website.

E-1.5. Çağlayan Refrigeration has provided the information on the Website from internal and external sources with the belief that it will be used in professional manner.

E-1.6. Çağlayan Refrigeration does not take any responsibility and does not offer any warranty that the Website and the Content contained in Website free from viruses or other harmful ingredient. It is advised practice to scan the downloaded Content before using it.

F. Links in Website

F-1.1. The Website may include links to other websites and/or other Internet resources ("Outside Sources"). Visitors acknowledge and accept that Çağlayan Refrigeration cannot be held responsible in any way for the proper functioning of Outside Sources. We have no bearing on the content and configuration of third-party websites. Our data protection statement does not apply to these websites.

F-1.2. Çağlayan Refrigeration is not obliged to observe the content of Outside Sources or other sites accessed via links in the Website. Thus it does not accept any responsibility for the content included in such Outside for the products offered in the Website.

G. Amendments on the Website

G-1.1. Çağlayan Refrigeration reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes, or additions, to the Website and/or the Content.

This General Terms of Use and all questions and disputes relating to the use of Website or Content are exclusively subject to the laws of Republic of Turkey. Any dispute arising between Visitors and Çağlayan Refrigeration related to any debate and execution of this General Terms of Use and/or to use of this Website and its Content will be decided exclusively by the courts of Konya, Republic of Turkey.

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