45 Years of Stability and Trust

Caglayan Refrigeration is a well-established institution that has been providing uninterrupted service in the industrial cooling sector for more than 45 years. During this time, the company has risen to a leading position in the sector with steady growth and reliability.

Founded in 1979, Caglayan Refrigeration has focused on quality and customer satisfaction from day one. Initially operating as a small workshop, the company has grown and developed over time by adapting to technology and customer demands. Its commitment and expertise in providing innovative solutions to its customers has strengthened the company’s reputation in the sector.

 At the core of Caglayan Cooling Systems’ 45 years of success lies a robust infrastructure, an experienced team, and a customer-centric approach. The company aims to continuously improve its products and services by adhering to quality standards at every stage. In addition, it meticulously evaluates customer demands and reinforces its position as a reliable business partner by offering customized solutions.

With a 45-year history, Caglayan Refrigeration has proven its expertise in adapting to technological and industrial changes in the sector. By continuously investing in R&D activities and strengthening its expert staff, the company continues to offer innovative solutions for the future.

With its determination to gain the trust of its customers and business partners, Caglayan Refrigeration continues its leadership in the sector. In the coming years, it will continue on its way to success without compromising the principles of quality, trust and customer satisfaction.